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Precise Time & Frequency for Metrology
About Company
Since its inception 40 years ago Quartzlock (UK) Limited has established itself as one of the pioneers of time and frequency generation, distribution and measurement solutions.
Innovative world-class technology has provided the basis for Quartzlock's continued
success and The Company's philosophy of technical excellence and quality has ensured that it retains an international reputation for the highest obtainable product excellence and customer care.

Quartzlock employees include the world's finest radio frequency engineers, and a RABI
Award winning Hydrogen Maser scientist. All members of the team have a high level of
practical and theoretical knowledge, cemented by many years of experience.

A continued program of staff training means that the Quartzlock team remain abreast of
all the latest technical developments within their field and ensures that unsurpassed
quality and customer care is realized at all levels.

Quartzlock attends a wide range of seminars and scientific conferences, publishing a
variety of scientific papers and technical articles. The conferences provide a useful venue
through which new products may be publicized and customer feedback obtained.
Quartzlock has had scientific papers on their world-leading A7 frequency and phase
measurement system accepted for the PTTI and MSC conferences.

Quartzlock maintains a thorough company-wide quality system, has been certified to ISO
9001 standard since 1998 and is currently seeking NAMAS accreditation. Each stage of
the products from design through to customer after-care is rigorously assessed to
guarantee that the commitment to quality is maintained. Quartzlock has NIST (USA)
traceable Time and Frequency measurement system, enabling simultaneous
measurement of up to 5 oscillators with <40ps resolution and supporting the in-house,
NPL (UK) traceable, hydrogen masers.

Quartzlock is proud to be able to address the needs of its customers through experience
and product offering, to tailor a solution best suited to fit a particular application, with
products that are continually reviewed to take advantage of the latest technological