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RF Amplifiers
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OPHIR RF designs and manufactures RF(Radio Frequency)amplifiers, microwave amplifiers, high power amplifiers, solid state power amplifiers, Wideband/Broadband amplifiers, Broadband Amplifiers, Jamming Amplifiers, Satellite Amplifiers, VHF Amplifiers, Wireless Amplifiers.
OPHIR RF has been supplying high powered, wideband, broadband, and band-specific amplifiers since 1992. We also provide solid state amplifiers, rf amplifiers, and microwave amplifiers to the Wireless, Communications, Defense and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) industries.

Ophir has the following amplifiers: RF Amplifiers, Microwave Amplifiers, High Power
Amplifiers, Solid State Amplifiers, Wideband Amplifiers, Cellular Amplifiers, Linear
Amplifiers, Wireless Amplifiers, Communication Amplifiers, and Satellite Amplifiers

Article : Minimizing In-Band Harmonics at Higher
by Thomas Mullineaux, OPHIR RF
Summary : When searching for amplifiers (rf amplifiers,
microwave amplifiers, high power amplifiers, or solid
state amplifiers), or solid state amplifiers), one must
think in the long term.
By selecting amplifiers that are capable of higher frequencies when compared to
current standards, the high intial investment cost would be offset by lowered future
costs. However, consideration should be given to the issue of in-band harmonics
being a hazard to test houses and manufacturers. A solution is to minimize noise
at the source and by using the self-filtering properties of high power RF amplifiers.

OPHIR RF microwave amplifiers and RF amplifiers utilize fully isolated linear
MOSFET or advanced GaAs FET devices, which provide high gain, wide dynamic
range and excellent third order intercepts. High efficiency and reliable operation are
achieved by employing unique RF combining circuits, RF microstrip networks,
sophisticated thermal design, custom machined housing and heavy duty components.
The high power RF amplifiers undergo extensive burn-in prior to final test and

These band-specific and narrowband microwave amplifiers and high power RF
amplifiers are ideally suited for high power communication systems (like PCS, CDMA,
GSM or WCDMA cellular phone base stations), military communication systems,
medical and industrial applications.

These microwave amplifiers and RF amplifiers are also small and lightweight, utilizing
Class A/AB linear power devices that provide an excellent 3rd order intercept point,
high gain, and a wide dynamic range. Due to robust engineering and employment of
the most advanced devices and components, these amplifiers achieve high efficiency
operation with proven reliability.

CONNECTORS - Front panel type-N connectors,
designated by "F" are standard (rear panel type-N
connectors are available as a no cost option if
specified at time of order, designated by specifying
"R" instead of "F").
IEEE-488 AND RS-232 GPIB INTERFACE - IEEE-488 and RS-232 Interface offers front
panel digital display, forward and reverse power readings, gain adjustment, ALC
on/off, fault indication, standby mode, and rear panel IEEE-488 HPIB, as an all
inclusive package. Order by specifying "FE" or "RE".