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Nowadays, the 21st century is a fast changing time. The Electronics, Information and Communication fields became necessary for human being to have all the advantages in comfortable life.

SungWha Tech has established in 2002 satisfying these requirements based on special field experiences. We are proud of providing reliable products in the fields of precision Time & Frequency, RF Amplifier, Tracking Antenna System, Image Processing, IMU/AHRS, and so on. We have done very good technical / after sales support with our partners under exclusive distributor/agent contracts. In addition, we are making every effort to fulfill current business and expand new one.

Located in Daejeon, which is a core complex of highest technology in Korea, we have many customers such as Government Institutes, R&D headquarters, University, Big companies and others.

SungWha Tech is deeply appreciating your supports and favors, and we will do our best to support to improve your value with our best service. We will continuously put all of our efforts into accomplishing even more than we have done till now.