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Active Hydrogen Frequency Standard VCH-1003A
Active Hydrogen Maser VCH-1003M
Active Hydrogen Frequency Standard VCH-1005
Passive Hydrogen Maser VCH-1008 new (in development)
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Hydrogen Masers
About Company
"VREMYA-CH" JScompany is a private company which was founded in 1993 by the team of the leading technical specialists of the Nizhny Novgorod Institute of Electronic Measuring Instruments "KVARZ".
VREMYA-CHmain kinds of activity are the development and production of the high performance radio measurement equipment for time keeping and precision frequency comparison:
  • hydrogen maser frequency and time standards;
  • rubidium oscillators;
  • frequency and phase comparators;
  • primary reference oscillators for telecommunication networks;
  • special software for time keeping and measurement control and monitoring systems.
The first foreign Customer of VREMYA-CH was Observatoire Cantonal de Neuchatel, which ordered us in 1994 the new model of high stable H-maser physical package. Since that time we actively develop our collaboration, increasing from year to year the number of hydrogen masers, delivered to Neuchatel Observatory. Now, there are very famous Institutes and Scientific centers among our Customers:
  • Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, Braunschweig, Germany;
  • CSIRO Australia Telescope national Facility, Sydney, Australia;
  • National Institute of Metrology and Beijing Institute Radiometrology & Measurement in China;
  • Institute of Metrology Time and Space and Russian Time Keeping Service in Moscow, Russia;
  • Russian Control Mission Center, Korolev, Moscow region;
  • National Metrological Centers of Ukraine, Belorussia, Kazahstan and others.
VREMYA-CH is located in Nizhny Novgorod city, having in property a part of big building (more then 3000 m 2 ). The main staff of "VREMYA-CH" now is more then 100 engineers and skilled workers including eleven doctor of science.

Since April 2000 VREMYA-CH has ISO – 9002 certificate.

The main products of VREMYA-CH are:
  • Active hydrogen maser frequency and time standard model VCH-1003A, VCH-1005;
  • Passive hydrogen maser frequency and time standard model VCH-1004, VCH-1006A;
  • Rubidium reference oscillators models VCH-201, VCH-203;
  • Frequency calibrator VCH-313;
  • GPS/GLONASS disciplined rubidium oscillator VCH-311;
  • Precision frequency comparators model VCH-308A, VCH-314, VCH-315;
  • Primary reference oscillator VCH-001 and secondary master oscillator VCH-002 for telecommunication network synchronization. Totally for last six years VREMYA-CH produced and delivered more then 60 H-masers of different types.
A. A. Beliaev , VREMYA-CH general manager