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Xsens Technologies B.V.
Leading supplier of products for measurement of motion, orientation and position, based upon miniature MEMS inertial sensor technology.
Xsens’ products are small, low-cost and highly accurate 3D motion measurement units..
OPHIR RF designs and manufactures high power, solid state, broadband and band-specific amplifiers.
Our products range in frequency from 10 kHz to 8 GHz, with power levels from 1 Watt to above 2 kilowatts.
OPHIR RF designs and manufactures its products in the USA.
GNSS Simulator, GNSS Test & Software Receiver
manufacturing and marketing interconnect solutions for harsh environments(aeronautics, space, defence, transport, energy, industrial equipment, healthcare devices, and lighting).
Commsonic Ltd.
IP core Products
Plumettaz S.A.
The Art of Laying Cables
Cable Jetting, Microcabling, Underground Cable Laying, Overhead Line Construction, Cable, Laying Accessories
TRX Systems, Inc.
Indoor Location Solutions, Indoor Location Systems, UWB location, Neon Tracking Unit, Neon Navigation Engine, Neon Mobile, Neon Mission Essential, NEON
Gladiator Technologie
The highest inertial sensor demands in a SWaP-C package. The robust, temperature modeled inertial systems and sensors offer an advancement in inertial technology realized in MEMS IMUs, INS/GNSS, Gyroscopes, Accelerometers and AHRS.
Active Hydrogen Maser, Hydrogen Maser, Hydrogen Maser Clock, Active atomic clock, Passive Hydrogen Maser, Frequency Comparators, Telecommunication Networks Synchronization Equipment
Oscilloquartz S.A.
World’s leader in design and manufacture of high-quality quartz crystal oscillators and allows the company to offer unrivalled experience in the development and manufacture of affordable synchronisation systems for the telecommunications industry.
Quartzlock (UK) Ltd.
The most stable Frequency and Time Standards Available
Frequency, phase & phase noise comparator - New A7-X Option, A7-M becomes A7-MX, A8 - New free GPS software, new integrated quad helix antenna & down converter. Active / passive Hydrogen Maser clock is also available.
Telemetry Systems and Product
SkySweep Technologies
SkySweep Technologies offer high speed data radio system solutions for the HF/VHF/UHF bands.