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Inertial Measurement Unit, GPS/INS
About Company
Xsens Technologies is a leading supplier of products for measurement of motion,
orientation and position, based upon miniature MEMS inertial sensor technology.

Xsens’ products are small, low-cost and highly accurate 3D motion measurement units.
These specific qualities enable applications such as control, stabilization and
navigation of small (unmanned) vehicles, and totally new applications such as inertial
full-body human motion capturing (for camera-less character animation, VR training and
simulation, sports and health). Xsens is specialized in state-of-the-art miniature MEMS
inertial sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope), aiding technologies (GPS/GNSS, vision,
magnetic field sensors) and proprietary ‘sensor fusion’ software algorithms.

Xsens Technologies is based in Enschede, The Netherlands.

Products and markets

Xsens supplies its products to customers in various industry segments, divided in
measurement of motion of machines/vehicles, and human motion measurement.

Machine motion applications
- Aerospace.
Control, stabilization and navigation of (lightweight) unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or helicopters.
Stabilization of aerial p
hotography imaging equipment.
Sensor unit for autopilots.
- Marine.
Control and stabilization of remotely operated vehicles (ROV) and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV).
Stabilization unit for measurement equipment such as acoustic positioning(USBL) and echo sounder, for underwater surveying and mapping.
- Robots.
Stabilization and control of autonomous robots (security, defense, inspection, service robots).
- Automotive.
Vehicle dynamics analysis of cars and motorbikes (linear acceleration, angular velocity as well as pitch, roll and heading angles).
- Bore industry.
Inertial measurement unit (IMU) for bore technology and pipeline inspection tools.
Machine motion products
- MTi miniature AHRS
MTi miniature AHRS. The MTi is a miniature, gyro-enhanced Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) with MEMS inertial sensors. Its internal low-power signal processor provides drift-free 3D orientation as well as calibrated 3D acceleration, 3D rate of turn (rate gyro) and 3D earth-magnetic field data. The MTi is an excellent measurement unit for stabilization and control of cameras, robots, vehicles and other equipment.
- MTi-G miniature AHRS/GPS.
MTi-G miniature AHRS/GPS. The MTi-G is an Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) with integrated Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver. The internal low-power signal processor provides accelerometer-enhanced position and velocity data, GPS-aided drift-free 3D orientation (pitch, roll and yaw) as well as calibrated 3D acceleration, 3D rate of turn (rate gyro) and 3D earth-magnetic field data. The MTi-G is an excellent measurement unit for navigation and control of vehicles and other objects.
Human motion applications
- Animation.
Full-body motion capturing of human actors, for animation of computer generated (CG) characters in film and game industry.
- Biomechanics.
Kinematics (triaxial accelerometer and gyro) and orientation (angles) measurement unit for research in sports, ergonomics, rehabilitation and other fields.
- Training and simulation.
Full-body motion capturing for real-time and after-action review in training of sports men, soldiers, firemen, policemen and rescue workers.
- Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.
Head tracker or HMD (head mounted display) tracking for VR environment. Combination of inertial sensor with a camera for AR applications in film and broadcasting, maintenance and cultural heritage, which require 6DOF motion tracking.
Human motion products
- MTx 3DOF Orientation Tracker.
The MTx is a small and accurate 3DOF Orientation Tracker. This low-cost inertial measurement unit (IMU) provides drift-free 3D orientation as well as kinematic data: 3D acceleration, 3D rate of turn (rate gyro) and 3D earth-magnetic field.
The MTx is an excellent measurement unit for orientation measurement of human body segments.
- Xbus Master.
The Xbus Master is a lightweight, portable device that controls multiple Motion Trackers (MTx) on the Xbus, Xsens’ digital data bus system.
The Xbus Master samples digital data from the MTx‘s and supplies power to the MTx’s.
The Xbus Master can be connected to a PDA or PC via serial cable or wireless (Bluetooth)
connection, where the data is logged or used in any real-time software application.
- MTw
The MTw™ is a small, highly accurate wireless inertial 3D motion tracker. The MTw sets a new standard for ambulatory 3D kinematic measurement systems - building on Xsens’ 10 years of leadership in inertial sensor technology. The MTw uses the unique Awinda™ radio protocol developed by Xsens®. The Awinda™ protocol implements a very accurate (≤ 10 μs difference) time synchronization between multiple MTw’s in a wireless body-area network.
- MVN(previously Moven)
Real-time tracking and capturing of human movement, without the constraints imposed by systems based on cameras or emitters. The portable system is based on Xsens' miniature 3D inertial motion trackers (MTx) and wireless Xbus system. The new technology is suitable for use in animation (film, gaming), training & simulation, biomechanics research and other areas.
- MVN MotionGrid
MVN MotionGrid is an UWB based tracking technology complementary to Xsens’ inertial based motion tracking Xsens MVN system. MotionGrid is essentially adding the equivalent of a local GPS system to Xsens’ MVN full body motion capture system. Large capture volumes of 20x20m (60x60ft) can be easily realized using the default 9-reader MotionGrid configuration. MVN MotionGrid is based on UWB RF technology and therefore does not require line of sight or special lighting conditions.
MVN BIOMECH is an ambulant, full-body, 3D human kinematic, camera-less measurement system. It is based on state-of-the-art MEMS inertial sensors, biomechanical models and sensor fusion algorithms. MVN BIOMECH is ambulatory, can be used indoors and outdoors regardless of lighting conditions. The results of MVN BIOMECH trials require minimal post-processing as there is no occlusion or lost markers. Results can easily be exported to other software applications. MVN BIOMECH is used in many applications like biomechanics research, gait analysis and sports science.