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GPS Synchronization Equipments
About Company
Oscilloquartz was founded in 1949 in the picturesque city of Neuchatel, Switzerland, situated in the heart of Europe’s traditional watchmaking region.

From the beginning, Oscilloquartz has been at the forefront of time and frequency technologies, e.g. by supplying highly accurate clocks to Neuchatel Observatory (since 1950) and Paris Observatory (since 1955). In 1958, Oscilloquartz developed and produced their first Hydrogen Maser, and in 1964 their first Cesium system was delivered to ESRO (predecessor of the European Space Agency). The year 1962 marked a successful introduction for Oscilloquartz in the telecommunication marketplace by standardizing its production of frequency re-generation and distribution equipment.

This heritage places Oscilloquartz as the world’s leader in design and manufacture of high quality quartz crystal oscillators and allows the company to offer unrivalled experience in the development and manufacture of affordable synchronisation systems for the telecommunications industry.

To maintain leadership in the time and frequency domain, Oscilloquartz employs highly skilled engineers devoted to achieving the best of class performances in quartz and Cesium applications as well as in satellite-drivenGPSreceivers (Global Positioning System) and synchronisation regenerators. User-friendly local and/or remote management systems, entirely developed by Oscilloquartz, ensure the smooth operation of the equipment.

As an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified company, Oscilloquartz conforms to worldclass quality assurance standards with regards to its production, management and environmental processes. In addition, the company is certified as an accredited Calibration Centre for Time and Frequency by METAS (Metrology and Accreditation Switzerland).

Finally, as a total solution provider, Oscilloquartz offers a range of special services during the whole life cycle of its systems. These are generically referred to as